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BORG, ANNEMARIE - In Nomine Tellus

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Gterma 055
Release Year: 2018
Note: first album (a tone poem in three parts) by this Scandinavian ambient composer for GTERMA, a kind of ambient world music (with experimental edge and dramatic / dark elements) spreading on three long waving tracks, inspired by the HOPI-nation and the process and need of re-balancing with nature and earth... A. BORG's suspended voice and instrumental emanations (piano, violin, harp, cello, singing bowls) are well combined with synth drones, whale songs, and field recordings...
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More Info

In Nomine Tellus is an album inspired by the state of our world and draws the listener into a microcosm of its own, where a tumultous storm is angrily circling the perimeter of our still peaceful shores. Annemarie paints this aural canvas utilizing both electronic and acoustic instrumentation as well as her own voice. The album follows "In Nomine Cetus" and is the second album in a planned suite of three.

On this album Annemarie plays the ROLI Seabord Grand, piano, harp, cello, guitar and singing bowls as well as utilizing hear own voice and original field recordings. Additional whale sounds are provided by iWhales and Patrick Tapio Johnson plays the cello on Pace. The album is again mastered by Anders Peterson of Ghost Sounds.

To learn more about Annemarie's vision on this album you can also visit her at: