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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm 125
Release Year: 2018
Note: second EP on taalem for E. MIEVILLE, who studied at the GRM in Paris and uses field recordings with a 'musique concrete' approach, here sounds from Buddhist Temples in China form the basis for two long tracks of atmospheric musique concrete, merging environmental recordings and religious vocal utterings and chants with pulsing electronics...
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emmanuel mieville is a french sound artist dealing with musique concrte (he studied at the famous GRM in paris) and more recently field recordings. his past works include several cds on baskaru, obs, cronica, xing-wu (with ric cordier) and a 3"cd-r ten years ago on talem ("magnetic fields and shroud flux", still available!).
the two tracks composing "jin gang jing (le sutra du diamant)" are based upon field recordings made in buddhist temples in china.

Vital Weekly 1150
Emmanuel Mieville closes this trilogy and his work has been reviewed before (Vital Weekly 1071 for instance) and these days his work is extensively about the use of field recordings. In the two pieces on this 3"CDR he uses sounds recorded at Buddhist temples in China. In Shao Yeu Temple' voices play an important role. Whatever text is recited I have no idea, not being a Buddhist myself nor particularly interested I must admit in any form of religion organised or otherwise, but I like the rhythmic flow to the piece. It's hooky and comes with some great 'other' sounds, insects chirping and something that sounds like stick being rubbed over a floor. Should I know not any better than I would think the opening sounds of 'Chengdu' has a dark synthesizer, but it's probably something else. Here too we have the same hooky reciting of a text. I was wondering what electrical machinery sparked off that drone like sound, as it sounded deep and menacing. I liked both pieces, with a slight preference for the first one, which at times sounded like it could be an outtake of the first Dome LP. This is all a very musical form of field recordings. (FdW)