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RABELAIS, AKIRA - The little Glass

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Akira Rabelais self-released
Release Year: 2015
Note: this album presents a collaboration of AKIRA RABELAIS with HAROLD BUDD, both known for their most sublime piano works: four solo piano pieces by BUDD on CD 1, a remix of the whole on CD 2 by RABELAIS => "Non-repetitive repetition that so deeply submerges the listener, it takes a while for the rather radical transformations occurring to be recognized." [Igloo Mag] www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-I0MMRVSMQ
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begin slowly and curved fingers, free unconsciousness, which i have approximately lately played, understanding and recognition taking part now, lithe they practice under its hold, listen, enharmonic.

every tone is the prism as words, any unexpected corners must be slipped away, beautiful with to pair is pitch of fashions, slightly exaggerating them, distinguished by nominal thoughtful... if a single day, some changes, like the roots of human tragedies, breathing, marvels in reverse diagrams, differentiated and alone, a different work of mechanical construction, expression, sincere and other hands.

the voice quite different from below, constantly arrives, to absorb, increase the colour, whereby lessons of sense out with sentiment in the hands to the cultivation of time. the letter which that portion details, of technical number, of touch, velocity. change from truthfulness across harmonious conversation.

your effort to be entirely among sense, distance, from under the most difficult value of this grace, which on each has much depends. the music is action, and anticipation with the room looking-glass in song.

the resonators are very the room, i throw light on in giving a part as meaning and beauty, practical exercises of one's pure playing, and evenly learn preparatory be taken in correct position; interpreting a consciousness the moment drawing down.


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released November 2, 2015

Akira Rabelais, 2015

Akira Rabelais - Piano
Harold Budd - Piano
Tom Erbe - Mastering
Cabina - Design