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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord LORD103
Release Year: 2018
Note: in 2009, the second album in their "Southern Lord-trilogy" appeared, it became famous for the powerful analog 70's sound, this is the first re-issue since 2010 _ (gatefold cover, printed inner sleeves, 45 rpm) _ "From beginning to end, 'Black Cascade' is just dripping with atmosphere and emotion." [Nicholas Trandahl]
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The mesmerizing 2nd album in the Southern Lord trilogy by Wolves In The Throne Room. Transcending the limitations of Black Metal to be reborn as an entity entirely unto themselves.

Black Cascade is characterized by a heavy and powerful analog sound, and a deft touch with songwriting and arrangement. The crumbling roar of decidedly old-school tube amps unite with layers of mossy analog synthesizer and cataclysmic percussion. Blazing and crystalline metal riffs slowly collapse and shift into ritualistic dirges that invoke endless rain falling upon the ancient cedars of the Pacific Northwest.