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Format: do-CD & 2 x BOOK
Label & Cat.Number: 13 (3) sps1828
Release Year: 2018
Note: surely one of the most sophisticated SILENTES projects, merging music and photography: 2 photo books (25 x 25 cm, 40 pages each) and two CDs, with photos by GENTILE & TESTA from abandoned objects, houses, old cinemas, parks, hospitals, etc.. the "temples of ruins"; the CDs are full length ambient works by recommended ENRICO CONIGLIO and the rising Sardinian composer STEFANO GUZZETTI; lim. 300 and highly recommended !
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2 x photo books (40 pages each - cm 25x25) + 2xCD in special package, ltd. 300 copies

"Waiting for your next breath" is a double photographic book that includes four different photographic stories by Stefano Gentile and Monica Testa, whose shots have as object of investigation the landscapes of abandonment. Those that once were spaces for social relations (cinemas, parks, hospitals and so on), have now become temples of ruin: marginal, forbidden, dangerous, inaccessible. However, without indulging in the simple 'painting of ruins' so dear to Piranesi, they draw from the decadence of architectural complexes and materials the power to imagine possible futures of meaning. Here, in this lies the wait for your next breath...

Enrico Coniglio and Stefano Guzzetti - separately - have created, in the margins of the photographic images, some possible musical settings, which we hope can accompany the slow browsing of the book by future owners.

The two 25x25 cm format books are housed in a cross-folded 'container' along with the two CDs.

The artwork was created by Chris Bigg (4AD, David Sylvian).

13 publishes this work in an edition of only 300 copies."