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GRMMSK - Reality Asylum

Format: 12inch
Label & Cat.Number: Totes Format [totform27] / Canopy Weekends / Minor Rec./ Sozialistischer Plattenbau / Hafenschlamm / False Move Rec.
Release Year: 2018
Note: experimental dub project by this formerly Hamburg-based artist known as TOTSTELLEN - this sounds unlike anything you would expect as labeled "dub" but still uses its elements and feeling, in another time frame...."Treffend als Doom-Dub bezeichnet, wird durch Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting und weitere Effekte die apokalyptische Seite im Dub bersteigert....knnte auch die Vertonung des Katers nach der Reggae-Party sein: Da war wohl doch was sehr komisches drin im Spliff."[frohfroh] - lim. 200
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Another 30min of condensed DoomDub-Versions.

All of the tunes have been deranged and recorded at METSN STUDIO in midst of the finnish forest in 2017. they summon urban dread and voice the desire to escape the grinding concrete molars of babylon towards an utopic ZONE that provides freedom for all. We came a long way, but are still far away.