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Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Lamour Records lamour068kz
Release Year: 2018
Note: debut release for this Swedish artist, a C-40 with dark apocalyptic visions, cinematic and dangerous, orchestral and droning intensely.. C-40 with six tracks, prof. cassette production (full colour cover, etc.), download code
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Oestergaards makes music with a shimmer of mystery darker than Dragon Gates history. A dystopian world of sound with essences of Hlsinglands rural society and the desire to get away from the traditional trodden musical paths.
Some hear references with dark ambient guru Lustmords early works, others see references to the film world, but it is clear that Oestergaards feel at home in the dark sound chamber.Oestergaards (born 1977) based in lvkarleby with a background as festival organizer in Hlsingland and the front figure in traditional Americana band breaks his story and focuses on the compilation of electronic music. The debut album Roots is released on Gvle-based Lamour.
Photos by Marias of Sweden
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cassette edition of 60