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Format: pic-7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Presence Capitale D'Avantage
Release Year: 2018
Note: first release from a new French label: Side A presents a NEW piece of ANNE GILLIS with JAC BERROCAL who met at 'Sonic Protest' in Paris, performing on oil can and pocket trumpet a most curious and lovely piece, Side B is a rare collab. of JACQUES DOYEN and BERROCAL on a text by ALLEN GINSBERG, recorded already 1982 (relased on a TAGO MAGO cassette); ed.of 230 copies
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Side A : Anne Gillis / Jac Berrocal - fuel 217
Collaboration between Anne Gillis (oil can de Dion-bouton) and Jac Berrocal (pocket trumpet).

Side B : is a reissue of a collaboration between Jacques Doyen and Jac Berrocal on a text by Allen Ginsberg that was released on the tape compilation "Paris Tokyo" in 1983 on the Tago Mago label.

"This is quite a little oddity. It is the only release (so far?) of this French label (listing the main distribution source as the address) and it is a picture disc on heavy vinyl. Both sides involve Jacuqes Berrocal, the French trumpet improviser and on one side he has a duet with Anne Gillis, of whom I had not heard in a long time. They met the lovely Parisian festival Sonic Protest and Gillis found an "oil can De Dion Bouton at a flea market" and used that in the recording. The other sees a lyric by Allen Ginsburg recited by Jacques Doyen and that song already appeared on the 1982 compilation 'Paris Tokyo' by the Tago Mago label. The whole thing is limited to 230 copies. It may seem odd to pair both songs together, but then: why not?
The side with Anne Gillis is certainly a most curious affair with the crackling of can, oil or otherwise, and some far away sounds; it might be a trumpet but for all I know it might also be a voice. Surely a fine piece of musique concrete in a very naive sort of way, which is something I enjoy very much. The trumpet is easily recognized on 'Sacr', layered I should think, also not too present in the mix, unlike the voice of Doyen, reciting the French poem, and even without understanding what this is about, one feel the somewhat scared atmosphere of the piece.
Do these pieces fit together? Maybe not, indeed. Does it matter? It doesn't, either. It is a most lovely 7" and that's what matters." [FdW/Vital Weekly]