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WOOD, CYE & LISA GERRARD - The Trail of Genghis Khan

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infinite Fog IF-75
Release Year: 2017
Note: CYE WOOD (Australian violinist and multi-instrumentalist) and LISA GERRARD (voice and cimbalon) created this album from material recorded for the Australian documentary series "The Trail of Genghis Khan", showing a journey on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary; 10 tracks feat. 'Traditional Music' students from Kazakhstan on Dombra, this all sounds very acoustic and pure and is drenched in melancholy and yearning... highly recommended!
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The album The Trail of Genghis Khan made by Lisa Gerrard in collaboration with Cye Wood, sourced from material, that Lisa and Cye produced for the Australian documentary series The Trail of Genghis Khan. The album is an emotive interpretation of Tim Copes epic journey on horseback from Mongolia to Hungary. Drawing on inspiration from this rugged & majestic landscape and the culture & inhabitants of this unique part of the world, they have allowed their intuition to be the guiding force in the creation of these works.

Lisa Gerrard, widely known for her magical voice, by the work in Dead Can Dance and some grandiose soundtracks, together with the Australian violinist / multi-instrumentalist Cye Wood, currently based in Berlin, portrayed the emotions and impressions of the epic journey in musical form.

Cye and Lisa, both extraordinary musicians who have devoted their entire lives to music since their days of youth, and it's no surprise that they would find the perfect mutual understanding and create such a wonderful album, worthy of being named as one of the best in the discography of both authors. Cye already had experience working with Lisa Gerrard as a violinist on her solo album "The Black Opal" 2009.

Charming melodies, excellent arrangements, perfectly balanced atmosphere and a bewitching plot of songs, all this in a compartment with the inimitable vocals of Lisa Gerard This and nothing less is what "The Trail of Genghis Khan" stands for!