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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Die Schachtel DS53/8
Release Year: 2018
Note: electronic piece created by ZUCCHERI (who was sound eng. for RAI) for the Italian Pavillion at the Montreal Expo 1967, re-found and first time published by DIE SCHACHTEL in 2005, this was installation music for the glass slide sculpture / painting of EMILIO VEDOVA..."a spectacular and intense 30-minutes loop of pure and intense electronics, a magmatic cascade of harsh sounds and deep drones, and a fantastic counterpart to the harsh and expressionistic painting of Vedova."
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"In the world of artifacts, there are the known, the unknown, the forgotten, and the lost. An artefact may pass easily between the four, entirely at the mercy of the care it is offered, or which finds along the way. The music in question Marino Zuccheris Parete 1967 Per Emilio Vedova, an massive electronic composition created by the multi-talented engineer of the famous Milan RAI Studio of Phonology for the Italian Pavillion at the Montreal Expo 67, is one such case. It began as part of something known a wild, sonic public event, was almost entirely forgotten, becoming lost and then unknown. It wasnt until 2005, when these recordings entered the orbit of Die Schachtel, that anyone had been able to hear them since they were made in 1967, offering their world premiere. As is often the case, the limited edition LP quickly sold out and drifted from view. Finally, after more than a decade long wait, Die Schachtel has wondrously pressed it again, allowing its beautiful challenges to reenter the world. Parete 1967 Per Emilio Vedova is one of the great artifacts of 1960s Italian avant-garde a wild, grinding metallic expose which sucks the ear into its depths, made, like so much of the best work of the era, in the spirit of collaboration and the meeting of two minds. Die Schachtels edition is the realisation of a life long dream of Marino Zuccheris to see this recordings issued. Pulled from the original tapes in his archive, and working closely with him before his death in 2005. A true wonder of towering historical importance. As essential as it gets for any fan of experimental music, or the history of the Italian avant-garde."