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LE GALL, PASCAL - Landscapes

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: WARM - WARM#008
Release Year: 2017
Note: this sound-artist from Tours, France, creates quiet acoustic landscapes by playing records on 6 rpm, using BACH and SCHUBERT compositions but also unknown sources, evoking a very special, unreal atmosphere between somber harmonic phrases and droning winds... a very nice 10" EP with wonderful cover artwork & mastering by MATHIAS DELPLANQUE, a true "secret tip" and very much recommended!
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More Info

"A carefully thought out, simple, clean but rich performance using really almost nothing, just a turntable, teach yourself foreign language LPs, the impeccable timing of a percussionist, and an idea.

With the intense focus of a scientist fed up with pointless repetition, Pascal takes a scalpel to composition, improvisation and performance, and (with the most basic means) examines their sameness, and their miniscule but important differences. A riveting public dissection, his performances are, maybe you could say, allegories, in that an allegory (a symbolic representation of something else) builds away from itself, outwards, towards an idea. Totally non-literal, Pascals performances communicate the idea that improvisation and composition are harder to tell apart than you might think."