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RHUCLE - Beautiful Fragments

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm119
Release Year: 2018
Note: this artist from Tokyo combines peaceful electronic drones with smooth field recordings, the whole moves over you in gentle, ultra-slow washes of sound... the calmness that is spread reminds on acts like CELER, or MIRROR.. 3 tracks, 22+ minutes
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More Info

active for a couple of years only, tokyo-based rhucle has already an impressive body of work, mostly cassettes but also some cd-r's on labels such as white paddy mountain, assembly field or still*sleep. his tracks usually mix field recordings and long synthetic drones for a highly emotional result...


"And finally there is music by Rhucle, also from Japan, apparently Taalems heartland for this kind of
music. Here too I am introduced to his music, even when he had releases before on White Paddy
Mountain, Assembly Field and Still*Sleep. For his music he uses field recordings mixed with long
sustaining electronic washes of sound, or vice versa. Perhaps. I have no idea what comes first for him.
He plays here three long pieces with an average length of seven minutes. All three pieces are gentle
streams of sound. A guitar? Who knows? Maybe it is a guitar, sound effects, but for all I know an organ
and sound effects, or heavily processed field recordings being cooked up with some that are still fresh
and which simmer through the gentle flow of drones. This is quite easy listening, perhaps the easiest
of these four excursions into the world of ambient music." (FdW)