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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm116
Release Year: 2017
Note: the latest batch of releases on TAALEM (alm116-119) is entirely dedicated to Japanese artist, which are usually a bit underrepresented in our catalogue: MICHIRU AOYAMA presents 5 tracks (23 min.) of amorphous digital ambience with waving harmonics inside, and glitchy repetitive elements shining through at times, reminding on TIM HECKER for example.. very nice !
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with just a handful of releases on organic industries and shimmering moods, michiru aoyama presents here five beautiful ambient/drone tracks with a little glitchy flavour.


"the first one is by Michiro Aoyama, who has some releases on
organic Industries and Shimmering Moods. I never heard of him before. Surprisingly, I guess, he offers
five pieces all around four to five minutes, which in the world of ambient music is not a common thing.
It is hard to say what Aoyama uses as sound sources or instruments, other than (perhaps) a laptop and
various sound effects and throughout is the music not the most of quietest things you ever experienced
in your life, but somehow all a bit more glitch like, with faulty wiring being transposed for a long time
and replicated with all those sound effects. Not as spacious as many of the releases on this label, but it
works rather fine all together."