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HULA - Murmur

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg268
Release Year: 2018
Note: HULA from Sheffield, UK, were one of those exciting bands merging and crossing genres in a unique way: they mixed funky electronics with experimental industrial sounds and 'paranoid singing' and could be seen as counterparts to 23 SKIDOO ; this first time CD version contains 7 bonus tracks from their Singles 'Fever Car', 'Get the Habit' and 'Walk on Stalks'...
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More Info

"Hula were founded in Sheffield in 1981. Three members (Mark Albrow, Alan Fish and Ron Wright) lived with Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Paul Widger (They must be Russians, Clock DVA, the Box) in a villa called Hula Kula. After trying the bass players Alan Watt, Chris Brain (Tense, NOS) and Mark Brydon (Chakk, Moloko), and after the replacement of Alan Fish by Nort (both drummed for the Cabs), Hula recorded the impressive album Murmur. Ingredients like cut ups, steady rhythms, and paranoia vocals were blended together into a unique white funky sound. Murmur was the band's second album and came out on Red Rhino in 1984. This was also the time of Hula's great singles - Fever Car, Get the Habit and Walk on Stalks of Shattered Glass were all released around that time. They are all added to the album as bonus tracks here making this CD about twice as long as the original vinyl album. Remastered by Attrition's Martin Bowes and the band's own Nort. First time ever on CD!"