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Format: BOOK + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Touch - FOLIO 002
Release Year: 2017
Note: art book project to compile photographs by TOUCH designer JON WOZENCROFT, a 76pages full colour book bound in dark blue cover; on the CD music to accompany the photos: 33 tracks by many Touch artists like FENNESZ, MIKA VAINIO, JOHANN JOHANNSSON, JIM O'ROURKE, STRAFE FR REBELLION, WIRE, CHRIS WATSON, HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, JANA WINDEREN, PHILIP JECK, ELEH, C.M. VON HAUSSWOLFF, etc. etc..
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In a 24/7 world there is no greater challenge than to be in command of ones own time. Is it true that the ability to download anything, at any moment, constitutes freedom? Has the value of music, art and design been stripped bare? I Google, therefore I am

Touch MOVEMENTS has been compiled over the course of 3 years. It is a response to many requests for Touch to publish a fuller account of Jon Wozencrofts photography for the cover art of the project. The book follows the music, which was compiled step-by-step, like a jigsaw there was not an open call to the artists, rather a sequential development which gives the CD a special narrative quality. And since our last Touch 30 compilation in 2012, the accuracy of the music has grown and rises to the challenge of what sound can do to transform perceptions about the immediate emotion of musical work and its more difficult, longer term evolution.

Following Touch Folio 001 in 2015, this series is a dedication to finding new ways of audiovisual publishing, somewhere between the twin peaks of a jewel-cased CD and a lavish box-set. The two elements of sound and the visual work in parallel to create the idea of an Ear-book, whose interdependency reveals itself over time, and allows the richest of listening and viewing experiences. The music and the photography is fully annotated, alongside a rarely-seen manifesto by the Surrealist film-maker Jan vankmajer which celebrates the spirit of the creative act.