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VOSTELL, WOLF - De-coll/age Musik

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Soave SV 02
Release Year: 2017
Note: re-issue of collector's item LP from 1982 by the German painter, sculptor and happening artist, who co-organized the "Festum Fluxorum" festival 1962 in Wiesbaden, seen as the birth of FLUXUX => we find here recordings from 1959-1981: radio collages, happenings, soundart ambients, environment actions, and an extract from a Fluxus-Opera! lim. 400 black vinyl
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A seminal figure in the history of 20th century avant-garde, yet sinfully overlooked, Wolf Vostell unleashed ideas which remain a slap in the face more than half a century after they were set into play. A founding member of Fluxus, an early instigator of Happenings and an innovator of video art, Vostell was equally one of the most radical and irreverent practitioners in sound that the world has ever known. First released in 1982, 'Dй-coll/age Musik' draws from material dating from between the late 1950s and early '80s.