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RAISON D'ETRE - Alchymeia

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cyclic Law 101st Cycle
Release Year: 2018
Note: phantastic new RD studio album, influenced by C.G. JUNGs theories this is meant as a journey to one's unconsciousness, in order to strenghten the 'true self'; using lots of vocal/choir material again, this contains the most deeply melancholic and emotional RD material we ever encountered.. first (?) edition of 500 copies only, a vinyl version will be available soon!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Its with great honour that we present the latest album by Swedish dark ambient stalwart raison dtre. This time Peter Andersson scrutinizes the paths of Carl Gustav Jung's notions of archetypes and the individuation process. Just like Mise en Abyme, the previous raison d'tre album from 2014, Alchymeia is diving deep down to the shadows of the unconsciousness, and back to a dawn of the true Self. Confronting the shadow within is the darkest time of despair. There seems no way forward, only down. All is blackening and decomposed. Suddenly, through an enantiodromia, the ever deepening descent into the unconscious transmogrifies and becomes gradually illuminated. The melancholia is being purified. Alchymeia is in a sense the raison d'tre of raison d'tre, a shadowy journey through our unconscious the individuation process and archetypes. This release also marks the first time a raison d'tre album will be available on vinyl. Artwork by Nihil." [label info]