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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Artoffact Records AOF 249
Release Year: 2016
Note: first proper re-issue of C.B.s first legendary cassette (came out before the harsh industrial noise milestone "Knees and Bones" LP), released on BROKEN FLAG in 1984..."a rare delivery of brutal powernoise and experimentally distorted and tortured vocals."; BLACK vinyl edition, 300 copies pressed
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"Re-Issue auf limitiertem, schwarzem Doppel-Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve Offiziell autorisiert Die erste autorisierte Wiederver÷ffentlichung von CONTROLLED BLEEDINGS seltenem DebŘtalbum "Distress Signals I" auf Vinyl. UrsprŘnglich wurde es im Jahr 1984 auf Gary Mundys Label Broken Flag ausschlie▀lich auf Kassette ver÷ffentlicht. Ein Album voll von Powernoise und verzerrtem Gesang. Diese 2LP-Edition wird im Gatefold Sleeve mit originalem Artwork ver÷ffentlicht und enthńlt die ursprŘnglichen Liner Notes der Kassetten-Ver÷ffentlichung.//

Originally released as a tape on Broken Flag in 1984, Controlled Bleeding's first album 'Distress Signals' is a rare delivery of brutal powernoise and experimentally distorted and tortured vocals. The near hour-long performance is immediate and harsh, and the tape has a kind of holy grail'ish quality amongst collectors, not the least because of the special status of Broken Flag, but also because it had never been properly reissued on either CD or vinyl. Now the material is issued as a DOUBLE-LP, presented in a sublime gatefold sleeve featuring the original artwork, as well as a copy of the liner notes from the tape insert." [label info]