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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen aatp59
Release Year: 2017
Note: first collab release by the Italian sound researcher FABIO PERLETTA with A. TIETCHENS, a journey into micro-cosmic sounds and drifting nano-structures, citing Lucretius atom theory... "die beiden reflektieren darber mit mikrofeinen Kollisionen und zuckenden oder feinmetallisch klackenden Geruschen auf drhnendem Fond. Wie 'Wimpern'- und Geiel-Schlge von Pantoffeltierchen in einem mal heller, mal dunkler getnten Urmeer." [Bad Alchemy]
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"There is an lite of the anxious: the rest is the mankind E. M. Cioran, 'Notizen 19571972'

Fabio Perletta and Asmus Tietchens hermetic micro-cosmos of Deflections unfolds by exploring instability and physical decay of sound. Built upon liminal forms and atonal passages, the six near-silent pieces of the work traverse empty space by means of elementary sonic emissions and drifting nano-structures. Among sound collisions and evanescent masses, the almost immaterial yet corporeal nature of Deflections, embodies sound in its most subliminal and contradictory form.

When atoms move straight down through the void by their own weight, they deflect a bit in space at a quite uncertain time and in uncertain places, just enough that you could say that their motion has changed. But if they were not in the habit of swerving, they would all fall straight down through the depths of the void, like drops of rain, and no collision would occur, nor would any blow be produced among the atoms. In that case, nature would never have produced anything [Lucretius, 'De Rerum Natura']

Composed, recorded and processed by Fabio Perletta at Tokonoma Studio in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy and Asmus Tietchens at Audiplex Studio E in Hamburg, Germany."