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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXV
Release Year: 2016
Note: KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK is the project of "M.M." who also runs the Zhelezobeton label & mailorder in St. Petersburg and who is a member of HATTIFNATTER and often involved in LUNAR ABYSS performances... "Liquid Circuits" is in many years only the 2nd full length album, and lives up to its title: experimental drone-ambient that is pulsing, throbbing, sizzling, and electronically cheeping, as if the electrons moved into another state of being; 333 copies, nice gatefold cover
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More Info

" "Liquid Circuits" is the second solo studio album by Kryptogen Rundfunk released 12 years after the debut album "22.SZ" (Mechanoise Labs, 2004). The gap between these two works was filled with many collaborations and split recordings with such artists as Hladna, Lunar Abyss, Neznamo, Umpio, Forgttn, to name a few, and many tracks on various experimental and noise music compilations. Behind the project stands M.M., also known for running the ZHELEZOBETON and Muzyka Voln labels and participating in other projects such as Hattifnatter, Govorit Radio Kosmos, etc.

The album is built on the use of analogue synthesizers and effect processors, various found sounds, samples and, of course, traditional for this project multiple kinds of radio noises and interceptions recorded both in home studio and various unusual places (the Caucasus mountains, Kola polar region, several cities of Western Europe). Kryptogen Rundfunk combines elements of sound collage, drone and dark ambient, power electronics, chaotic and structured noise, weaving his multilayered musical fabric from them. Sonic streams radiate with all shades of frequencies, looped pieces of interference spiral out and soft rhythmic pulsations make room for scorching detailed electric noise burning out holes in sonic perception."