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BERG, CHRISTOPH - Conversations

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Sonic Pieces sonicpieces 025
Release Year: 2017
Note: solo album of FIELD ROTATION member on the prolific SONIC PIECES label from Berlin; CHRISTOPH BERG creates ultra sublime and atmospheric chamber music (violin, double bass, piano, percussion and field recordings/found sounds), a must for fans of MAX RICHTER, RACHEL's or RICHARD SKELTON.. lim. 450 copies, with special handmade textile cover the label is known for, download code
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"Following his critically acclaimed Paraphrases album from 2012 and the more electronic based recordings as Field Rotation, Christoph Berg joins Sonic Pieces with the first new material under his own name in over four years.

Conversations essentially expresses contemplation, consciousness and the urge for retreat from the sometimes overwhelming present times. The musicians genuine approach to minimal chamber music acts as a fading scenario of nostalgia and memory to rely on, similar to an affecting dialogue with somebody close to you. A manifold violin carries us through the transformation of time and its perception, expanded by humming double bass, the discreet use of piano and subtle percussive structures all acoustically recorded and only scarcely processed by minor digital manipulation. Christoph hereby creates a fragile and comforting score to a scenic film. The result is an elegant framework from Prologue to Epilogue that guides us through gradually developing melancholy in its most genial understanding. Its an exceedingly comprehensive, detailed reminder of music as an intimate art form, crafted by an unusually patient and perspicacious performer.

Like a washed out black and white photograph you hang on your wall to remember, these Conversations will keep you valued company. If its solace, seclusion or encouragement youre seeking youll find empathy in these compositions." [label info]

"Typically sublime chamber works issued by Sonic Pieces with all the attention to detail you'd expect from this impeccable label. Its a deeply contemplative affair rendered through layered strings and found sounds that will hugely appeal to anyone enamoured with the work of Richard Skelton or Max Richter.

The violin is at the core of these pieces, flanked by the low hum of double bass, piano and quiet percussive flourishes; all acoustically recorded with minimal digital processing. Berg does that thing of creating huge widescreen vistas with the most intimate of components; which is essentially what the Sonic Pieces label is all about.

Its an exceedingly comprehensive, detailed reminder of music as an intimate art form, crafted by an unusually patient and perspicacious performer that by the sounds of it will soon be joining the likes of Johann Johannsson, Ben Frost, Max Richter and Cliff Martinez at the upper tier of artists who have emerged from the corners of this scene and gone on to establish a huge presence in the world of commercial, big budget film scoring.

If youve spent any time with Max Richters groundbreaking The Blue Notebooks, this one comes hugely recommended." [Bommkat]