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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SR425
Release Year: 2016
Note: ANIMA ARDENS is the soundtrack for a dance choreography by THIERRY SMITS, performed by his company THOR in Brussels.. (years ago he created CORPS(E)-with music by NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES!!) => the 73 min. soundtrack develops slowly into realms of abstract drones, extreme frequencies, field recordings and silence, to support the trance-like practises of the 11 naked (male) dancers, reaching an altered state of their bodies & releasing a liberating space... phantastic stuff!!
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"New organic soundtrack creation by Francisco Lpez.

In constant nudity, which highlights the diversity of their bodies and origins, eleven men, eleven dancers throw themselves, body and soul, into this Anima Ardens or 'Burning Breath', surrounded by the organic sound environments of Francisco Lpez Trance rituals or in shamanic trance, taking us out of ourselves, to the source of our emotions."


Based in Brussels, Compagnie Thor was founded in 1990 by the choreographer Thierry Smits. He quickly gained international acclaim in the world of contemporary dance. Over the years, the company has produced more than twenty dance productions. Gathering excellent performing artists from around the world, the company has established its reputation touring throughout Belgium and abroad.
Thierry Smits work explores, often in an eclectic manner, the bonds between mystic and erotic, the ambiguity between the sacred and corporealness, and questions the metaphysical problems of the individual's state of mind and emotion. In his performances, oscillating between pure dance and dramatization, technical rigor and his gestural inventiveness are always present. In addition to his work focused on complex subjects and linked to an element outside dance, Thierry Smits concentrates on dance itself referring to nothing other than itself, giving priority to a study of form, choreographic composition, and the search for movement.
Thierry Smits work received several prices: in 1995 when he received the SACD-Belgium prize. In 1998, his creation Corps(e) received the Belgium Oc prize for the performing arts of the French speaking community. In 2008 he is awarded the 'Prix de la critique 2007' (the critics' Prize) for V.-Nightmares,for the best dance performance of season 2007-08." [Dance-Tech Net]