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KONGO - Blubber

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ur Muzik UR 010
Release Year: 2016
Note: it's time for transmutation - the cover shows a morphed being probably made of H. NORDVARGR BJRK and PETER NYSTRM who collaborated for this new project - KONGO is a musical bastard consisting of strange loops, sequenced beats, weird voice material, reminding on early industrial groups as SEVERED HEADS or CABARET VOLTAIRE, you can almost dance to it! "hectic, obsessive, crazy.. a perfect soundtrack to the fucked-up world we are living in." lim. 300
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"Henrik Nordvargr Bjrkk and Peter Nystrm are both well known figures in the realm of dark soundscapes. They have been providing their obscure sonorities for decades now and each new release by either of the two legendary artists is an awaited treat. With their new project KONGO, Bjrkk and Nystrm set off on a journey where they delve deep into early industrial music: using cut-up technique, processing speech samples, looping distorted melodies and making Blubber the ultimate homage to Severed Heads and Cabaret Voltaires works. Its hectic, obsessive, and crazy. And its got that punk feel to it a perfect soundtrack to the fucked-up world we are living in. Comes with an amazing artwork by Kellerman Design in a digipack edition of 300 copies." [label info]