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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Die Schachtel DS31
Release Year: 2016
Note: ethereal noises that play themselves => wonderful sound / wind sculpture recordings from the 70's by BERTONCINIs huge Aeolian Harps and gongs (that also look phantastic, the largest was 7 metres high!), creating mysterious of drones-extensions and almost electrical sounding whisphers... a wonderful edition with extensive 4 page inlay, many photos, lim. 400, deluxe silver print cover. A must have for anyone interested in droning sound sculptures !!
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"Format: LP, Limited Edition of 400 copies. Deluxe silver cover with silver foil design, custom inner sleeve and 4-page booklet in English and Italian.
First ever vinyl release of the works by Italian maestro Mario Bertoncini, relentless experimental composer, philosopher, artist and builder of sounds. The LP presents a selection of his compositions for aeolian constructions: in the early 70s he started to produce sound aggregates, true 'sound sculptures' based on the Aeolian sound principle. Amongst his more spectacular installations there were Vele, a massive Aeolian harp (more than 7 meters high); Venti (winds), for 20 Aeolian sound generators and 40 performers; and Chanson pour Instruments а Vent, an assemblage for Aeolian harps, Aeolian gongs, and one performer.
By their very nature these sound objects ("sound sculptures" that liberate the concept of sound form from time development) convey a sense of natural sounds beyond the grasp of composition and musician. Bertoncini self-built harps and gongs are excited by blows of compressed air, or by the composer's own breath, resulting in a musical blueprint that takes minimalist drone to a massive scale: the music unleashes itself. There's no sense of a composer's hand present. If at superficial levels they may sound like electronic music (long drones and swooshes of otherworldly sounds), at a close listening they reveal the intensity of a pure sound of air, far removed from both any artificial or measurable principle as well as from any casual or chance method of composition." [label info]