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VOMIR - Musique de l'Indifference

Format: LP + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Peripheral Records PR008
Release Year: 2012
Note: last copies of this LP by the radical Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) pioneer and anti-artist from France, lim. 350; "The individual no longer has any alternative but to completely reject contemporary life as promoted and preached. The only free behaviour that remains resides in noise, withdrawal and a refusal to capitulate to manipulation, socialisation and entertainment" [Vomir]
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"One continuous track of battering, unmoving and crude walled noise, spread across side one of the LP at 33rpm, then the CD, then the second side of the LP at 45rpm. Simultaneous play is also encouraged. Artwork by STROM_VARX. Edition of 350." [label info]