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URBAN SAX - Urban Sax 1

Format: LP + DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Wah Wah Records LPS152
Release Year: 2016
Note: re-issue of the legendary first LP (from 1977) by GILBERT ARTMANs Saxophone & Multimedia orchestra: two side-long tracks of a droning saxophon-orchestra, with minimal structures and harmonies appearing in the mix.. just great ! Comes with a full bonus DVD with unreleased audio & video material, and 24 page colour booklet 12 x 12cm !!!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €24.00

More Info

"Urban Sax was founded in 1973 by French experimental musician Gilbert Artman, a.o. the mastermind behind Lard Free. Driven by his interest in the relation between space and sound, he experimented with large groups of saxofonists, varying from 16 to 34 players, at times also including bass players, percussionists, vocalists and even dancers. An early experiment took place in the French village of Menton, where Artman placed the musicians on rooftops, in various streets, on squares, and in gardens. Though the total experiences of these experiments/events can't be captured on whatever sound carrier, several recordings were made through the years. The debut-LP 'Urban Sax 1' was originally released in 1977 on Czanne/Cobra and features recordings made by 16 sax players. Fans of adventurous musicians s.a. La Monte Young, Phil Niblock, Glenn Branca, Steve Reich or Terry Riley should really check this out! This reissue comes with remastered sound and a booklet offering rare pix and liner notes by Artman himself." [label info]