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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1013
Release Year: 2015
Note: 'black hole-ism noise' from Slovakia, whooshing organic textures that seem to swallow up everything - voices, scrapings and garglings, smacks and lots of other unidentifiable sounds... like ASMUS TIETCHENS meething harsh noise? very good, to discover !! lim. 33 special foldout cardboard cover
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"Slovakian-based artist I.v.Martinez is active in a variety of projects with different styles, but ExperiMENTALien is one of the more psychedelic ones. The nine tracks on this album fuse morphing digital dronescapes with subsonic pulsations that would make a great addition to the soundtrack of any remake of Solaris.

The shapeshifting nature of the sounds that drift in and out of harmonic fields is mirrored in the titles of the pieces, which like the project name ExperiMENTALien fuse several words. Trainput, Universelection, and Noiserenity are perhaps the most programmatic. The album constantly oscillates between associations with biomorphous and psychic images, which is why the Solaris reference immediately comes to mind: Couldnt this be the sound of a thinking, living planet? You could think of this as the Kosmische Musik of Krautrock revisited through a post-industrial sensibility, but most importantly, the results sound convincing.

File under: drone, ambient, psychedelic" [label info]


"From Slovakia hails L.V. Martinez, who works with a variety of (unnamed) projects with different styles and one of these is ExperiMENTALien, as the spelling should be. There are nine pieces on this CD, hence the title, I guess, and I have no idea what he does, but my best guess is that Martinez uses a lot of sampling of sounds, lots of effects (boxes, digital, who knows) and effectively melts down his sources into nine nightmarish pieces of detailed nuclear meltdown. Quite noise based, very industrial, but without any of the images that may come along such a ride. ExperiMENTALien keeps matters relatively abstract; more like the soundtrack to a movie that deals with such matters as apocalypse, zombies, mad max, robotic slavery and what else have you in the department of blackness. Even when he keeps things at a more limited volume, such as 'Electrip', it's still forceful and alien (indeed). Long pieces, clocking in at six to eight minutes and sometimes that seems a bit long for the amount of sonic information it has to offer in a piece, but on a more mind penetrating level, the psychedelic side of all of this, I must admit this worked rather well. Nothing for the weak of heart or mind or both."
[FdW/Vital Weekly]