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CREATION VI - Tetragrammaton

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: PANTEON PAN006
Release Year: 2014
Note: the "spiritual drone" project of TIM SIX from Yaroslavl, Russia (who is also running the excellent PANTEON label), with a very contemplative drone CD, three long tracks using voice, singing bowls, ethnic instruments, field rec., etc.. when all is combined to express a holiness inside the (full sounding) drone, loosing your mind completely... "the direct intrusion into metaphysics of the Sound". numbered edition, handmade cover, last copies !
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"New album by Creation VI - Tetragrammaton is three piece of monumental music for contemplation, meditation and transcendence. Being result of reflection and inner transformation of ideas of Russian philosophers Vladimir Shmakov and Grygory Mebes, this records serves as catalyst for those who are used to comprehend the Universe through sound diapason of vibrations. Echoes of ancient traditions, primal hum, shamanism and direct intrusion into metaphysics of the Sound.

One is dreaming about Many. Remaining nameless, he creates all names. When Nothing turns into Three, the cycle begins. Let the lightning go through your soul, mind and body, seeding the Tree, where is Dream becomes true, where is True becomes fourth element. These three aural meditations are facets of our gnosis, the farthest limit for living creature. Be the fourth, to face yourself. Tat twam asi.

Tim Six: singing bowls, voice and throat singing, guitar, hulusi, water pipes, metallic objects, field recordings." [label info]