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Format: flexi-7inch
Label & Cat.Number: iDEAL Recordings iDEAL 126
Release Year: 2015
Note: after the long deleted 7" on Povertech Industries (1995) here's a second 7" with CM VON HAUSSWOLFF music dedicated to JOHN CAGE - this one sided flexi contains a version of "4'33 for electric Guitar (broken Amplifier version)" performed in 2012 for JOHN CAGEs 100th birthday; lim. 200 squared flexi with printed insert
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"When John Cage was about to celebrate his 80th birthday in 1992, the Stockholm electronic Music Festival invited CM von Hausswolff to interpret Cage's piece Imaginary Landscape #5. At the time of the performance Cage had already passed away a month earlier. The piece was recorded and Joe Colley's label Povertech Industries agreed to release it. The second side contained Hausswolff's first version of Cage's legendary work 4'33'. The 7' was released in 1996.
In 1995 Hausswolff dedicated a second work to John Cage composed in Berlin and released on an LP by London based Ash International in 1997. The piece was called As Quiet As A Campfire Or Analogue Motoric And Electro-Magnetic Silence Disturbed By Intuitive Slumber.
In 2010 CM von Hausswolff and Petri Kuljuntausta performed 4'33' at IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki, Finland. This version was for two electric guitars and amplifiers.
CM von Hausswolff Plays John Cage II contains a new recorded version: 4'33' - for electric guitar (broken amplifier version)Кand was recorded as an hommage to Cage's 100 years anniversary in 2012. A white square 7' flexi disc limited to 200 copies." [label info]