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DISKREPANT - A Captive Of Oxygen

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACM 1014
Release Year: 2013
Note: the following release after the very good "Through an Odious Framework" EP by this Swedish ambient Industrial project, again an elaborated journey made up from natural and synthetic sounds, crackling and scraping micronoises merge with subtle electronics, going in circles...
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"Swedens Per hlund presents the second three inches in a nine-inch trilogy that began with Through an Odious Framework. A Captive of Oxygen is close-up magic, field recordings of a rubber-booted hunter slogging through muck and tall, wet grass before entering a rusting, oily world like the Zone of Tarkovskys Stalker. The walker turns into a vinyl cripple, limping over a low tone that actually instills in the listener a certain cold comfort in this cast-iron, toxic brownfield, as do the birds, who always have the option of flying far, far away. Deftly manipulated, Diskrepants A Captive of Oxygen fuses natural and synthetic sounds into a far-more earthbound second chapter, albeit one into which you are required to supply your own fresh air." [Igloo Mag]