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UBEBOET - Haereo

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mystery Sea MS77
Release Year: 2014
Note: Drone Rec. artist UBEBOET (see "drone-mind vol. 1" LP) from Spain (who also runs the CON-V label) with three new tracks, culled from field recordings a sublime and mysterious acoustic realm is created, with recognizable and unrecognizable sounds,interchanging and interfering in slow waves, building nice contrasts... lim. 200 full colour cardboard cover w. inlay
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"Madrid (and Cologne) based Miguel Angel Tolosa has a solid musical background both in electroacoustic & contemporary composition, and hes also quite versed into sound engineering and producing techniques.
Most of all, hes the long operating figurehead behind the highly respectable Con-V label.
His area of expertise is drones & field recordings tinted, and he has published works on many labels such as among others : Winds Measure Recordings, Non Visual Objects, Twenty Hertz, Drone Records
As a dedicated listener/explorer, his music displays a large textural palette, and is infused with that underlying beauty all around us
This album has been saved from loss and was initially to be released on Asher Tuils now defunct & missed Sourdine label.
haereo speaks forlorn rainy tales
or exhales morning urban springs
a sea of untranquility
where small streams abound,
like so many darker veins and obscure skin maps
Faint echoes exude from exhausted machinery,
a mass of dying waves,
a trail of stars pointing to nowhere, closed doors, and nocturnal flames in the distance,
dead intrepid plants swaying in the wind
haereo is a flux of broken memories,
something reached out for, brushed,
something singularly mighty,
which takes us beyond, deep at heart "
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"Miguel Angel Tolosa works as Ubeboet since quite some time and has as such a number of releases, although the word 'overproduction' certainly doesn't apply to him. The cover says he worked on this from 2008 until 2012 and that he takes credit for electronics and field recordings; the latter being taped in Prague, Madrid, Lozoya valley area (Spain), Aguilar de Campoo area (Spain) and Serra San Bruno (Italy), while Ingar Zach plays bowed singing bowls on one piece. What's interesting to note is that in the first piece, 'Eaden', there are indeed quite some field recordings, but all of birds and insects, rather than what we are used to with this label, which is all things aquatic. In 'Umbrae' the microphone is thrown into the deep end and picks up signal below sea-level, along with Zach's bowed singing bowls. Below and above sea-level is where we find 'Sanatorium Rose', the final and longest piece on this release (which is about thirty-six minutes in total length), but there is also the motor-hum from a boat passing as drone music. In all three pieces we find Ubeboet's strong love of all things very dark. Much of the way he processes his sounds is to melt these field recordings by computer means and maybe all things analogue (either, or) and filter out much of the mid-high end until the darker rumble remains. In that way, Ubeboet surely has a strong own voice compared to his peers, which is a great thing and he shows it best in a release like this." [FdW/Vital Weekly]