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OGNI VIDENIY - Sounding Emptiness

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLIII
Release Year: 2014
Note: experimental electronic ambience from the very north of Russia (Archangelsk), dedicated to the notion of emptiness in the Buddhist meaning, as an endless potential manifestation of all that exists.... pulsing drones made up from pulsing / creaking / smacking analogue electronics, and pure acoustic instruments (singing bowls, bells, pipes)... comparable to LUNAR ABYSS, not really dark but psychedelic in a special way.. lim. 77 copies, great colourful psychonautic artwork!
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"The Northern city of Archangelsk has given the Russian ambient scene several beautiful projects and among them is certainly Ogni Videniy (Russian for "Fires of Visions"). Their previous releases came out on such labels as Vetvei and BioSonar^Labyrinth and this is already the fourth album, not counting a collab with Six Dead Bulgarians "2137" (Vetvei, 2011).

The album is dedicated to the phenomenon of emptiness in its Buddhist meaning: not as absolute "nothingness" but rather as endless potential manifestation of everything existent in the world. Unlike previous works with more ritualistic feeling, this album shows Peter A. experimenting with more abstract electronic sound. Here one finds almost complete absence of traditional singing bowls, bells and pipes - instead the space is seized by home-made analogue sound generators, processed field recordings and mysterious textures. Plangent background drones fixate the perception and the forefront is filled by gurgling, croaking and swarming microsounds creating an utterly psychoactive shroomy atmosphere inhabited by enigmatic entities." [label info]