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LANG, KLAUS - Organ Works Vol. 2

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: GOD Records GOD26
Release Year: 2015
Note: after the great 'Organ Works Vol. 1' LP here are two more organ-drone pieces ("ABD" from 1996, "Melrose Abbey" 1997) by the Austrian composer and organist KLAUS LANG, known also for his CDs on Edition RZ... both pieces were recorded in churches and capture the special sacred atmosphere of beautiful chord progressions and multi-layered, massive streams of shining and waving overtones...
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"The second instalment of Klaus Lang's organ works and once again, two monumental works that span over two vinyl sides.
"ABD" - contemporary vision of sacral chord progressions.
"Melrose abbey" - perverse art of mourning music.
Ultimate drone. Absolute torment.
Performed by the composer in Graz, Austria, 1997." [label info]