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COMPEST - Danach

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACF 1002
Release Year: 2014
Note: behind COMPEST we find MARTIN STEINEBACH, long time active performer as STILLSTAND or CONSCIENTIA PECCATI, who uses orchestral string samples and subtile percussion as a basic source for his dark harmonic 46 min. composition, a kind of neo-classic ambience that could be the soundtrack to an old 'exotic' movie..
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Compest is German composer and producer Martin Steinebach, offering up a seamless 40-minute suite of lavishly orchestrated pieces that combines strings with ominous metallic percussion. Unlike other composers versed in noisy musics who decide to turn neo-classical and all too often produce kitschy ersatz 19th-century symphonies, Compest manages to fuse all his influences into a consistent whole with a high degree of immersiveness.

Soon everything is post, says the sleeve note, and true to this creed, this album is confidently postmodern in combining minimalist drones with ritualistic post-industrial accents and lush, indulgent tonal chords that would make every self-respecting New Music composer squirm with self-loathing. And that is a good thing, because this total disregard for narrow-minded pigeonholes both in and outside the underground scene is what gives this album its particular quality.

File under: Ambient