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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACE 1007
Release Year: 2015
Note: curious pieces created from children's flute playing and other sounds they made (laughing, speech, chuckles...) recorded during a workshop at an elementary school in Augsburg, Germany: a 'pure' collage by FIEBIG, a voice/noise piece by EMERGE considering also the oral material, plus a collaborative drone piece by both artists, who are also behind this great label !!! Lim. 33 copies, special cardboard cover
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"For a concert supporting DUO RECORDRONIK, who combine recorders with electronics, EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig composed several pieces that are also based on the sounds of recorders. The instruments were played by elementary school children at a workshop conducted by Elisabeth Haselberger, who forms DUO RECORDRONIK with Petra Wurz.

Gerald Fiebig's three-part piece "Recorder Recorders" is a collage of sequences played by the children (from classes 2b, 4a, and 4b of Grundschule Vor dem Roten Tor elementary school in Augsburg - hence the album title). No treatments were used - the composition showcases the experimental playing techniques the young recorderists learned during the workshop. EMERGE's piece "chuckle" tackles the workshop recordings in a different way: using no recorder sounds, but everything else recorded in the classroom - speech, laughter, giggling, and chuckles (!) -, he creates a voice/noise collage highly reminiscent of radiophonic Ars Acustica. A collaborative piece by EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig concludes the album. Here, both their tracks are processed to form a dense dronescape that makes the connection to other aspects of the work of both artists.
File under: drone, musique concrete"

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