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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACW 1002
Release Year: 2015
Note: split album dedicated to the 'acoustics of mines': Side A uses original field recordings from TOY BIZARRE recorded in abandoned French mines (already 1995), which were later re-arranged & processed to form one fantastic side-long collage of various subteranean drones and ominous concrete sounds.... ; Side B shows EMERGE re-mixing the sources in a much different, dark musique concrete / ambient industrial way... a real masterpiece by these two Drone Rec. artists (DR-31, DR-64)!!! lim./numb. 300 copies
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Since the 1990s, French sound artist Cdric Peyronnet has established himself as one of the most prolific and original composers working with field recordings. After numerous CD releases under his own name and as ingeos and toy.bizarre, this is his first ever vinyl. It was made commissioned by composer and label head EMERGE. A long-standing fan of Peyronnet, he contributes a piece to the split release that is based on Peyronnets recordings.

The theme running through the whole split album is the acoustics of mines. All material is based on field recordings made by Peyronnet in (partially disused) French mines in the mid-1990s. Scratching, gravelly, cavernous sounds dominate the soundscape, evoking a world of subterranean gloom that seems familiar to listeners of EMERGEs bass-heavy drone compositions. In Peyronnets piece, the field recordings are simply arranged in a collage-like manner, but the atmosphere created by this editing is strikingly similar to the one dominating the album side processed by EMERGE. This turns the album into a subtle play with the expectations of the audience. What just a second ago seemed to be mere random ambient sound suddenly turns into a musical structure through rhythmic repetition, and an apparently documentary audio snapshot might actually be digitally treated. Through this intriguing interplay, the two artists make us reflect on the role of the recording medium which, through the very fact that it is a medium, turns every natural sound into a cultural artefact.

toy.bizarre - kdi dctb 018
Original recordings were made in Puy-Les-Vignes disused mine, April and May 1995.
Some parts were used on the M.SL tape published by kaon.
Composed / Mixed @ TBS, Tlse, 2014. SACEM 2014.

EMERGE - msl
all sounds recorded by Cdric Peyronnet with analog device (tape) around 1995 in the MSL mine, reworked on site & replayed with speakers inside the place then re-recorded by Cdric Peyronnet treatment and composition by EMERGE in 2014 photography by Cyril Herry design by EMERGE

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