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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACU 1003
Release Year: 2014
Note: the third "real" CD on Attenuation Circuit is a collaboration by Canadian artist HOLZKOPF (german for 'woodhead') and EMERGE, using sound sources from Y-TON-G => two long pieces that "combine seemingly concrete, referential sounds with abstract, brooding frequencies", an open stream of improvised, morphing drones...
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"This is not a split release, but an album of two co-composed tracks by
two apparently very diverse artists. Canadian artist Holzkopf is mainly
known for his leftfield take on drumnbass and improvised vocals,
while EMERGE is often labelled a drone ambient artist. Here, they
combine their respective mastery of synths and the processing of
sampled ambient sounds to create two textural, yet highly suspenseful
half-hour pieces.

The track titles masonry and metallurgy give the listener some
clues as two the sources of the sounds used. Y-Ton-G, a
long-standing presence in the German underground experimental music
scene and close collaborator of Asmus Tietchens, is credited with
supplying some of the source material for EMERGEs samples, and given
Y-Ton-Gs predilection for the sounds of metal, these probably gave
shape to the samples featured on metallurgy. This is not to say that
any of this music sounds at all anecdotal. The great achievement of the
album is in the way it manages to combine seemingly concrete,
referential sounds with abstract, brooding frequencies. The mixture of
found and sythesised sounds, some of them by Holzkopf and others
supplied by mutual label mate and analogue-synth noisician ORiFiCE,
creates a kind of cinema for the ear which conjures emotionally
compelling atmospheres while never forcing any obvious visual
associations on the listener." [label info]


"Also on the next CD Emerge is present, but then in collaboration with Canada's Holzkopf, who sometimes works inside the area of drum 'n bass, but also takes on as easily noise and ambient. Also on the plate here are sound samples by Y-Ton-G treated by Emerge. Two long pieces here, each around thirty minutes, and maybe the titles give away something, 'Masonry' and 'Metallurgy', which one might conclude this deals with some sort of metallic ringing and singing. There is a loose structure in order here, in which these sounds seem to be improvised and everything arrives in a playful mood/mode. I am not sure how this was made; by mail or Internet I would assume, but it sounds like they have been together and improvised these two pieces on the spot. Feeding it through a variety of boxes and laptops, with (obviously) moments that could be weeded out by more rigorous editing, but it's a free flow of sounds that has its appeal. It's perhaps the kind of thing that you would find on a cassette release, but why not a CD? Why not! Indeed!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]