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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Tincture of Japanoise

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACU 1002
Release Year: 2014
Note: another 'fabric pressed' CD on Attenuation Circuit presenting fresh / unknown acts from the brooding & insane Japan noise scene, most stuff is completely excessive & over the top, with crazy found sounds and restless ultra noisy collages... flushes your braincells free! ABISYEIKAH , Zr3a, NAOKI NOMOTO, EMEME, ELMA ,HEDOROMERUHEN, ZPORE ZPAWN, JAH EXCRETION.. special priced !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

More Info

"While Merzbow plays museums and noise becomes increasingly canonised in high culture, this compilation proves that the underground, countercultural Japanese noise scene is still very much alive and kicking. Noisician ORiFiCE, who also curates the noise-oriented Rollator Series on the attenuation circuit label, has been a keen follower of Japanoise for many years. For this album, he has assembled a range of younger artists from Japan whose pieces display an exhilarating freshness and showcase the great variety of approaches that is covered by the umbrella term noise. The great surrealist/punk collage cover was created by established noisician Government Alpha.

Frustrante oso polar!, the opening track by Abisyeikah, clearly establishes noise as anti-music: samples of marching bands and other similarly traditional music are sonically destroyed with distorted guitars and computer-game beeps. Sounds like machinegunning reactionary composers at a game arcade, which is to say: a lot of fun! Zr3a also opens his track Dr. Strangenoise with a very famous sample and goes on to desecrate it thoroughly. A great track with a great deal of humour, just as, thankfully, most of the tracks here are self-consciously playful and indulging the bliss of noise instead of rehashing the by now overly familiar poses of cultural pessimism. Bean by Naoki Nomoto has a more abstract take on noise. Its feedback and glitch-type sounds created with an analog synthesizer are faintly reminiscent of more academic electronic music. LxDxP (Love Dream Peace) by Ememe goes in another direction with its rhythmic quasi-techno noise, a real headbanger. Elma pays tribute to the classic Japanoise sound as defined by Merzbow with the hissing, harsh (In)Tolerance? The next piece makes for one of several interesting contrasts that the album offers thanks to ORiFiCEs clever sequencing of the tracks: Grandblue by Hedoromeruhen gives evidence to the territory shared by noise and (free) jazz while taking the piss out of some softer sides of music along the way. With Gainful Heart Amen Noiser by Zpore Zpawn, we launch into the finish of the album, in which samples of classical music collide head on with hectic, energetic harsh noise in overdrive. The final track by Jah Excretion is titled Sleep Garden a programmatic title in so far as this piece gives evidence to the (apparent) paradox that the noisiest music can sometimes be the most meditative and soothing." [label info]