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PLEQ & PHILIPPE LAMY - Gravitation

Format: mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Taalem alm104
Release Year: 2014
Note: the fine arts sculptor & painter from France PHILIPPE LAMY did already several collaborations together with PLEQ from Poland, on this almost 22+ min. one-tracker they form an ever changing drone-mass with lots of unidentifiable 'concrete' micro-details, not really noise, not really ambient, but very atmospheric, great piece !! "Spacious collage music, very energetic and one of the best in the Taalem catalogue" [FdW / Vital Weekly]
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"these two artists have already been on talem before: pleq for hiscollaborative disc with japanese artist hiroki sasajima ("witch-hunt", may 2012, alm 86) and philippe lamy for his solo disc ("entre deux", june 2013, alm 91). they have already worked together several times since 2011. here they propose us an excellent track with a rather raw and industrial feeling, yet full of strange textures..." [label info]


"...I started out with Pleq and Philippe Lamy's work 'Gravitation'. They both had works before on Taalem, Pleq with his collaborative disc with Hiroki Sasajima (see Vital Weekly 839) and Lamy's 'Entre Deux' (Vital Weekly 890). They work together since 2011, and their twenty-plus minute piece is very nice, and hardly be part of the world of spacious drones, which we more commonly find on Taalem. These two inhabit a world of computer processing along the lines of acousmatic music, musique concrete, feeding field recordings to the zeroes and ones of the computer and cook up a nice, vibrant piece of music. In a constant drift this moves about and may have ambient qualities - especially in the constant flow that is part of this and perhaps in the treated field recordings, it's also
very much a work of musique concrete. Spacious collage music, very energetic and one of the best in the Taalem catalogue." [FdW/Vital Weekly]