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MUSLIMGAUZE - Deceiver 3 & 4

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive 12
Release Year: 2014
Note: re-issue of "Deceiver 3" which was part of the "Box of Silk and Dogs" 9 CD (1999), plus on the second CD so far un-released different mixes from the original Deceiver release (do-CD, 1996, Staalplaat), which is nowadays seen as one of MGs most important releases by reviewers and connaisseurs; lim. 500 - last copy
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"Limited too 500 copies. The original two-disc 'Deceiver' from 1996 is a seminal release in Bryn Jones' sprawling discography, one of the first major ones to really pivot into the noisier/more abrasive side of Jones' sound as Muslimgauze. From its epic, vinyl-side-long title track down to terse, rhythmic snippets like 'A Parsee View,' 'Deceiver' set out many of the avenues that Muslimgauze would continue to explore before Jones' death in 1999. Since then, Staalplaat has continued to release the massive backlog of Jones' work, with the nine-disc set 'Box Of Silk And Dogs' seeing the release of a third volume of 'Deceiver'. Now, for the first time that third volume gets a stand-alone release, paired with the last of the 'Deceiver' tapes." [label info]