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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACC 1014
Release Year: 2014
Note: first collaboration between experimental violinist DON VOMP and the German 'advanced drone' researcher, recorded 2009 at the LAB.30 festival in Augsburg; all EMERGE sounds are processed live and based on the violin sounds of DON VOMB, forming a 45 min. set between clearly recognizable violin drones & samples and alien acoustics...
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"The first ever collaboration of drone artist EMERGE and experimental violinist Don Vomp, recorded in 2009 at the lab.30 festival in Augsburg, is a hauntingly intense performance. Evolving from dronescapes into intricate interplay between live and processed violin into the icy caverns of reverbed small sounds, this 45-minute set shows a very good sense of economy and timing.

Effectively a live improvisation, retention clearly shows that the artists collaborated closely in preparing their live set. All the sounds created and played by EMERGE are based on the natural sound of Don Vomps violin. The beauty of the resulting piece is that the soundscape evolves from clearly recognisable (if somewhat layered and pitched, kind of Niblock-style) violin-y timbres to totally alien sounds, alien in the sense of from outer space. And as the listener travels along in EMERGEs spaceship, Vomps live violin playing, even if he hardly uses any effects, starts to sound more and more unfamiliar. Making us hear a totally traditional instrument like the violin in an unexpected new way isnt that among the best things that experimental music can achieve?

File under: Free improvisation" [label info]