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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACE 1005
Release Year: 2013
Note: EMERGE collaboration with Canadian video- & installation artist "prOphecy sun", who also works as dancer & singer & theremin-player => her often wordless vocalizations combined with theremin-loops build the basis for EMERGE processings and form expressive, ghostly, amorph drone soundscapes with a dreamlike quality (also included are solo tracks by both artists); comes w. special fold out cardboard sleeve & two full colour inlays
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"This album, possibly the most vocal-based release ever to come out on attenuation circuit, is a unique blend of improvised songs by Canadian performance artist prophecy sun and the electronic treatment of her voice by EMERGE.

Apart from being a dancer, video, and installation artist, prophecy sun is a master theremin player, an improvisational looping maestro and an experimental throat singer. Although on this album she uses only her voice, all of these practices feed into the way she uses it and how she constructs her songs out of words and, more often, just vocal sounds. The dreamlike, spectral quality of the theremin, the recurring patterns of the loops, and the wide range of vocal timbres available to the throat singer are all there in this music. EMERGE delicately treats the vocal material to create a dense, yet fragile sonic environment in which suns vocalises can take root and grow. For anyone who wants to discover the richness of experimental female vocals, this is a good place to start, on a par with Bjrk and Joan La Barbara." [label info]


"A new artist for me hails from Canada and calls herself prOphecy sun. She is also a 'theremin player, an improvisational looping maestro and an experimental throat singer'. Attenuation Circuit calls this on par with Bjrk and Joan La Barbara. Here she performs five solo pieces, followed by three by Emerge, label boss for this label, and then eight relatively short collaborative pieces by the two of them. It seems, but I might be wrong that Emerge also uses voice material in his solo pieces, making this perhaps the most voice based released on this label. Voice, but not necessarily song based, even when some of the pieces are very short. All of it remains pretty much in the world of abstract music. I am not sure about this. I quite enjoyed it, even when I am not always the biggest fan of loop devices in relationship with vocals of a more abstract nature. It easily leads to 'heavenly choir sounds' and sometimes this happens with prOphecy sun too. Emerge, in his solo pieces, goes out into an even more abstract land and stretches out voice material in slow, cascading drone material. It's of course stuff that works together quite well. The looped voice material of prOphecy sun and the more abstract electronic processing of Emerge, which are made into not very long pieces, each with it's own specific character and some fine variation among these pieces. Very elegant collaboration." [FdW/Vital Weekly]