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CAPELLE, MIREILLE - Anello. Naga. Sunyata

Format: 3 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: audioMER 006CD
Release Year: 2009
Note: epic release by this singer, actor & music professor from Belgium, constructed 'geometrically' due to a mathematical scheme based on the symbolism of numbers, all pieces can be played seperately or together to build a complete 'Sonic Architecture'; => very dense meditative music using electronic sound drops, mysterious overtune drones, whispers, percussion, instruments (strings, flute, gongs), field & object recordings (water.. ). very otherworldy, captivating, somehow esoteric! MASTERPIECE!!!
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" У...The Sonic Architecture pieces are constructed geometrically according to a mathematical scheme which is based on the symbolism of numbers. On the basis of whatever drives my senses, I gather together a great mass of recorded sounds from everyday life: the street, the wind, streams, the noise of cars, of conversations, of birds, of singing... accompanied by everything that resonates around them...Ф Ч Mireille Capelle

3 Sonic Architectures. Each Sonic Architecture consists of two compositions. Each composition can be played separately. From the moment they are played together and allowed to resonate via 2 CD players and 4 audio speakers, the Sonic Architecture becomes one composition. These pieces make a journey of several hours, or days, before they refind the point of their beginning. The CDs in this box are 3 Simulations. Each CD is a fragment of one of the 3 Sonic Architecture compositions. Anello, Naga & Sunyata were presented repectively at the Axel Vervoordt exhibitions Artempo, Academia & In-finitum.

Mireille Capelle appears in various films and plays, as well as singing a number of different operatic roles. She interprets baroque works with Jos Van Immerseel, sings numerous recitals of melodies throughout Europe and Japan, and she is a singer in the HERMESensemble. Capelle is a Professor at the Conservatory of Ghent, where she is also in charge of the singing department.

Anello Х Naga Х Sunyata is a production of Inspiratum vzw." [label info]