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BRANT, JACOB - Rainmaking

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenatuion Circuit ACM 1019
Release Year: 2013
Note: highly recommended newcomer creating multi-layered, shimmering dronescapes with powerful washes of winds & harmonics - somehow guitarish, 'post rock' elements are involved, , truly elevating! For fans of TIM HECKER; TROUM; etc... filed under: energetic beauty drones & overtunes; 22 min. in mCD box
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

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"ACM 1019: 3 CD-R in mini DVD-style case

Drone ambient at its lushest, most densely harmonic, is how best to describe the music of British artist Jacob Brant. Using sampled acoustic instruments and especially voices to create sonics vaguely akin to Ligetis Lux aeterna, this two-part composition shows his capability of colouring his dronescapes both in serene and ominous colours.

This piece of music is dedicated to those who protect us, the sleeve notes say, and while the first part of the piece, Rainmaker, seems to refer this to a sort of religious context, the title of the second part, Whistleblower, proves that for all the blissful otherworldliness of his music, Brant is not blind to the ugliness of our world that needs whistleblowers in evil organisations to protect the rest of us from the worst. Jacob Brant certainly shares a lot of compositional methodology (use of acoustic sound sources etc.) with drone composers like Niblock and If, Bwana, but the structure of pieces like Rainmaking is more akin to artists like Mirko Uhlig and Tim Hecker and their more song-like, melody-oriented approaches." [label info]