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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: La Scie Doree SCIE 1213
Release Year: 2014
Note: this is TIMO VAN LUIJKs new project with FREDERIQUE BRUYAS and ARLETTE AUBIN, focused on captivating haunting drone sounds (gongs, wind instruments, synths) & surrealistic vocal poetry (in French), like being stuck inside a strange dream... quite special stuff ! lim. 300
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"Four mouvements of electro-acoustic and vocal poetry projecting luminous shadows of a decadent fin de sicle. Performed by Timo van Luijk, Frdrique Bruyas and Arlette Aubin. Edition of 300 copies with printed inner sleeve." [label info]


"Of a different nature is the music by La Poupee Vivante, which is apparently something new by Van Luijk, together with Arlette Aubin and Frederique Bruyas. The latter worked with Raymond Dijkstra before on a similar album of concrete sounds and poetry. Upon listening to this album, I could easily think Dijkstra had something to do with this too, as the improvised nature of these pieces may suggest such a thing. The electro-acoustic component is mainly small objects, a tuba or some other wind instrument, and lots of echo/delay on some of these. Not everything is played with great care, as some of this is rather loosely played; improvised for sure, and perhaps made by editing down lengthy sessions of this kind of. That makes that this album is less atmospheric and moody, but more experimental, or even industrial in some way, with all of this echo/delay manipulation. It's very hard to figure out what these poems are about, but that surely is one of those things that add that bit of atmospherics to this. It's not music with continuous spoken word, but rather finely scattered around the music. More music than poetry, I would think. Certainly altogether a more surreal record than the new Elodie one. Both of them are great, however, in their own respective fields. I didn't prefer one to the other, as both had fine quality in their own right. Fans of Raymond Dijkstra might take notice of La Poupee Vivante!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]