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FREIBAND - Mutatis Mobilis

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACR 1028
Release Year: 2013
Note: re-workings of AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF and FREIBANDs own source-material, resulting in mysterious ambient industrial drones full of metallic overtunes & hissing cloud-mantras, ultra minimal, analogue & soft... very nice !
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More Info

"ACR 1028: CD-R in plastic case with transparent paper sleeve

Made in 2012, this release is a tribute to the creative experiments made possible in the 80s by the advent of the 4-track tape recorder, and whoever still owns one should get the limited cassette edition of this album. On a 4-track machine, listeners can create different mixes of these humming, pumping, whizzing ambiences that evoke steampunk-style industrial settings as well as the sounds of a harbour. On a normal tape deck, each side is a stereo track in its own right. The tracks from the CD can be loaded into a multi-track audio software, such as the freely downloadable Audacity, to digitally recreate the experience of the 4-track recorder for the 21st century.

Freiband used both source material of their own creation as well as material from Aalfang mit Pferdekopfs album Mutatis Mutandis (ACT 1001 / ACR 1014) which is in turn based on sound sources by Freibands Frans de Waard. This collaborative spirit rooted in the 80s tape scene and continued in todays digital world by the many collaborations on Attenuation Circuit, among many other labels, shows how important the 4-track recorder was as the first medium that made studio work accessible to a wide range of artists with an experimental approach to sound. With Mutatis Mobilis, the liberation of creative energies on the part of the producer is extended to the listeners. A seemingly old-fashioned medium is used for a musical work that offers active participation on the part of listeners, more so than most formats of the so-called interactive digital world." [label info]


"Freiband is of course Frans de Waard's guise for digital sound manipulations. This release is different from Freiband's others because it has a strong conceptual element. It contains two thirty minute tracks that divide up into four separate mono tracks on left and right channels, that could be mixed in a multitrack environment. Are you still with me? So yes, there are basically sixteen mono tracks on this disc. And you, as a listener, are invited to mix it up. So far so good. Nice idea, not new but hey, what's new anyway? But then: are you ready to go through all the trouble of doing a mix of your own? I don't think so. Even I (as a musician) think this is no good and I am not going to bother with it. So that's a bit of a problem then, right? Well, no. To my big surprise the idea of doing a mix yourself etc. is just plain nonsense. These are beautiful pieces of drone work, different on left and right channels, but blending together perfectly. A work with soft and gentle changes in texture, almost zen like in nature. There is no need whatsoever to mix this in a different way, because it is just right as it is. So that leaves me with a question: why state the concept when it has become obsolete? On the other hand it partly explains the process of creation. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself, but I do urge you to listen to this. It's very well worth it." [RM / Vital Weekly]