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ELOY, JEAN-CLAUDE - Galaxies full-electro

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hors Territoires HT-21
Release Year: 2013
Note: different & expanded electro-acoustic version of GALAXIES (created 1986 - 1994), re-mastered 2013 => a wonderful, very spheric, transcendental composition using Japanese mouth organs and temple bells (hardly recognisable).. his most 'drone-based' and meditative work!
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" 'Galaxies' (Warsaw version), electro-acoustic alone. Fully electro-acoustic version of Anhata / Galaxies realized on the composer's personal computer from the original electro-acoustic recordings of this work. Electronic music studios where the original Anhata / Galaxies were produced (1984-86): Studio of the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music, Amsterdam (1984 and 1986): the entire production (pre-recorded material processing, new material generation, premixing) and all final mixing processes. Tokyo-Gakuso studio, Tokyo (1983): for the Sh and -Sh (traditional mouth organs from Japan) sampling with Mayumi Miyata. Conny's Studio, Neuenkirchen, near Cologne (1984) with Asian Sound and Michael W. Ranta: metal percussion instrument sampling, including Bonshs (Buddhist temple bells from Japan) sampling. INA-GRM, Paris (1985): pre-recorded material processing. Studio ART, Geneva (1985): pre-recorded material processing and pre-mixing. Studio of Technische Universitt (TU), Berlin (1985-86): pre-recorded material processing, new material production, pre-mixing. Jean-Claude Eloy: 'In 1994 I had (for purely practical reasons) to remove these big electro-acoustic parts making up the two Galaxies works from the piece they were connected with until then: Part III of my Anhata cycle, entitled Nimlana-Unmlana (that which awakens - that which slumbers). An electro-acoustic work integrating instrumental acoustic parts that required the performance of a Sh player from Japan. Those electro-acoustic parts were substantial enough to warrant a new configuration ensuring their stand-alone nature, independent of whether a performer was available or not. Therefore I used (apart from the two Galaxies) a set of particular sounds that I had generated during that production (all of them resulting from Sh sampled sound processing and modulations) entitled sons d'infinitude (sounds of indefiniteness). These sustained sounds were very fixed, quite contemplative, almost motionless or maintained through short fluctuations that were more or less regular. They were five of them altogether. Four of them were grouped together into a consistent set and occurred after the first Galaxy, before the Sh solo. I had used them to compose a sequence called Awakening, which formed the first Sh appearance in the version realized for the Donaueschingen Festival in 1990. The fifth one took place at the end of the second Galaxy and was used to support the conclusion played on the -Sh. In this purely electro-acoustic version the first four sons d'infinitude came quite naturally as a bridge between both Galaxies. The fifth sound kept its conclusive place, making it bigger and using it as a genuine extension sound that could be infinite, with no limit!" [label info]