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TIETCHENS, ASMUS - Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Black Rose Recordings BRCD 13-1012
Release Year: 2013
Note: eight different stages of "Ernste Musik" (serious music) on this new TIETCHENS work, the title-names filled with the typical irony but the sounds build a wonderful journey into unorganic micro-sound drones and a kind of electro-acoustic minimalism, with a development from the 'serious' to the absurd &surrealistic...
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"Black Rose Recordings are proud to present the exceptional new album by Asmus Tietchens. Corrosion is a degradation mechanism. It is an insidious process often difficult to recognise until deterioration is well advanced. Are these new pieces a comment on the current state of noise music, serious music or both?

As a pioneer of electronic composition his work spans over three decades and doesnt fit easily into any one category. Early recordings ranged from experiments with tape machines and electronic sound through to experimental pop. Later works were a more sculptural blend of abstract microelectronics, industrial sounds and musique concrete.

Never straightforward or obvious, always unpredictable and innovative his ground breaking music influences many working in todays experimental music scene. He has worked almost exclusively as a solo artist but recent releases have seen him collaborate with well known and diverse artists such as Dieter Moebius (Cluster & Harmonia), Thomas Koener and Richard Chartier." [label info]


"In my spare time I listen to pop music, usually, but then, in 2013, I asked myself: why do I still have so many CDs? Isn't it about time to listen to those again, and see what you have, which are keepers and which are goers. In a random fashion I pick a bunch of CDs of the shelf and play them until the end, because, when not played to the end, what's the reason for keeping them? From some artists I stayed away for a while. I can safely say I have almost all of the works by Asmus Tietchens, but I was afraid of going there. I feared I would not find enough concentration to examine each and everyone properly and make the wrong decision and see them go. But once I started to play them I was totally immersed. I am nearly done with all of them, and then much to my surprise, here's a new work by Tietchens. The titles poke fun with the notion of 'ernste musik', the German term to create a distinction between serious music and entertainment music. Maybe its a comment, Black Rose asks, on 'the
current state of noise music, serious music or both'? An interesting question, perhaps, but much to my surprise I notice something else. In the past ten years Tietchens explored the quiet areas of electronic music, with some highly refined music, not unlike the work of say Richard Chartier. Here he seems to return to some of his earlier electronic music, from the late 80s, early 90s, but perhaps generated with the means he uses these days. This results in a piece like 'Kaum Noch Ernste Musik', with a pulsating click beat (think Pan Sonic or Goem), and the well-know Tietchens tricks on oscillators. It's something entirely different than what you would expect. Maybe it's a bit long this piece which clocks in at over ten minutes. Throughout the pieces on this album, eight in total, do not have strong rhythm sounds, but they surely sound louder than we are used from him in recent times. It takes the 'serious' electronic music from the sixties, with it's sustaining sounds fading in loud
and about. It's heavy music, but it's great music. Only in a few pieces, aptly called for instance 'Sehr Ernste Musik', Tietchens shows some of his more quiet side, but in the other pieces he sounds like his tape manipulation work 'Daseinsverfehlung', bursting about, such as in 'Eingeschrnkt Ernste Musik'. And then there is also the humorous Tietchens with a vinyl loop in 'Keine Ernste Musik' or 'Im Ernst? (Fr H.K.)', which sees him playing something that sounds like Trautonium. This, ladies and gentleman, is an excellent CD. If you are keen to hear new musical movements by this man, but not every move, then this is one of those releases you should surely hear." [FdW/Vital Weekly]