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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive 13
Release Year: 2013
Note: material from 1997: re-issue of the album "Tandoori Dog" (from ultra rare 4 LP set) + 3 unreleased tracks; lim. 500
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.50

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"In 1998 Staalplaat and Muslimgauze were on a conquering spirit. Bryn Jones (1961-1999), the man behind Muslimgauze delivered new works, almost on a weekly basis and was more than happy to see them released straight away. Unlike others, Staalplaat was never shy to release larger works, lumping various works together, such as the 9CD Box Of Silk & Dogs. Allowing free reign in editing, the 4LP box set Tandoori Dog, contained the LP of the same name, which saw only eight out of the ten original pieces. Now released as a sole CD, the complete, ten track Tandoori Dog is released on a limited CD, spanning in total sixty minutes of music. Muslimgauze didnt fail in this highly productive period. Peaking as never before, his music here carries all that makes Muslimgauze the unique artist he is. Taking his influences from what can be loosely called the Middle East, but extending that to as far as Pakistan, Jones samples freely percussion, instruments and voices and adds these to his own sequences and instruments, such as the tabla. The melting pot that is the studio blends this together, in hypnotic pieces of music. Captivating, minimal, groovy, but rather than being slick and commercial, this is the roughly shaped electronic world of Bryn Jones. All of this motivated and inspired by events in the Middle East, as reflected through the titles Jones picked for his work. A strong pre-occupation with the fate of the occupied people in the Palestinian lands and an unashamed love for such controversial groups as Hezbollah. With the re-issue of Tandoori Dog another keystone work by Jones is finally being available again." [label info]