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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring CSR184CD
Release Year: 2013
Note: new project of former HEAD OF DAVID singer STEPHEN BURROUGHS with debut release, amorph metallic overtone ghost-drones and 'industrial esoterica' filled with mysterious vocal material... "a marriage between LUSTMORD and Z'EV" [Compulsion Online]
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"Tunnels Of Ah is the new project of former HEAD OF DAVID vocalist Stephen Ah Burroughs. Lost Corridors is the first Tunnels Of Ah release and features Burroughs industrial esoterica, evoking the spirit of the pioneering underground experimental scene in the new dark age. This is psychick war.

A mandatory release for those who worship at the altars of Coil, Psychic TV, Arktau Eos, ZEV" [label info]


"Next album comes from British sound artist Stephen-Ah-Borroughs performing under the alias Tunnels Of Ah - a name that hits the bull's eye considering the sonic expression of the present album. Stephen Ah Burroughs is the brain behind legendary project Head Of David. Present album titled "Lost corridors" is the debut album from Tunnels Of Ah. Musically what we are dealing with here are long repetitive drones swirling inside tunnels of dark sinister ambient. Divided into seven intersections the composer uses processed sounds of acoustic instruments such as whining guitars to create the hypnotic textures that change between drifting tranquillity and rumbling noises resulting in an excellent kind of drowsiness. Ghostly voices occur to strengthen the feeling occultism. Turn the lights off look and let the dark, threatening yet beautiful buzzing drones clear your brain. The perfect soundtrack for drifting into sub consciousness." [NM/Vital Weekly]